Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Essie Summer 2015 Swatches!

Hello polish people! 

It has been forever since my last post, but I am back today with swatches of four of the six shades from the Essie Summer 2015 collection. There's lots to show and say, so let's get cracking!!

Warning, my cuticles are super lubed up today. My hands are in awful condition at the moment (part of the reason I haven't blogged for so long!) so I'm trying my best to nurse them back into tip top shape.

First up is Chillato, a 'frozen cream pistachio' - 

I really really love Chillato. The polish itself, I do not love so much! This shade needs three coats as the formula is thin and can be tricky. However I will (just) put up with the difficulty for this colour! I don't know what to compare it to to best describe it, and it's definitely unique. To my collection anyway!

Next is Salt Water Happy, a cornflower blue - 

I'm sorry, but Salt Water Happy sucks. The formula is thick and horrible to work with, and I apologise for this terrible swatch!!! Yes, the colour is completely gorgeous and totally my kinda blue, but there is no way I will choose to put this on my nails over the same colour from another brand. I am very disappointed. Sorry Essie! This one is two coats.

Third up is Peach Side Babe, a warm peach - 

Peach Side Babe has a very similar feel to Chillato, formula wise. Quite thin and streaky and needs three coats to be opaque. The difference being with this shade is that I have many others similar to this in my collection that I would choose in stead. Barry M Papaya is one suggestion, at less than half the price.

And finally, Pret-A-Surfer, a purple-y Iris blue - 

*These photos have been altered slightly to make the colours more true to life*

Well, Pret-A-Surfer! What a difference a polish makes. This nail varnish is actually perfect. It makes me so mad that in one collection you can have such a variety of formulation that makes some polishes absolutely awful and others so amazing! Grrr Essie! I would 100% recommend this polish to everybody in the world.

As you may have noticed, I have many different opinions on this collection! Do I think you should rush out and buy the collection? No. Do I think you should check out one or two? Absolutely. Obviously I can only speak for the four colours I have, but honestly I am put off trying the others now :(

All that being said, everyone stop what you're doing and go and purchase Pret-A-Surfer immediately.

Essie's Summer 2015 collection is available at priced at £8.95 each.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

WN x

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